Thursday, January 12, 2017

Author of "The Exorcist" on Johnny Carson (1974)

I came across this old video after reading that William Peter Blatty, author of "The Exorcist" and the film's screenplay, had appeared on The Johnny Carson Show.

The interview with him is fascinating, but so is everything else about the episode. The pacing is much slower and less flashy than modern TV, and the audience reaction more subdued. People had a greater ability to take their time processing what they were watching.

Despite the differences, though, the "current events" in Johnny's monologue are timeless: a pipeline that threatens the environment. A celebrity with controversial political views. And, of course, unthinkable scandals in Washington.

If only we had an Exorcist who could rid our world of these things.

Episode of "The Johnny Carson Show" from January 17, 1974. Blatty interview begins 51:40 into the video.

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