Friday, March 24, 2017

Journey to the Clown Motel: the beginning

The haunted clown motel. 

Located in a remote town in the deserts of Nevada, the entire motel is clown-themed. Clown dolls fill the lobby, and paintings of clowns are in every room. 

Some guests say they have seen the silhouette of a clown standing outside their window at night. 

As if that wasn't enough, an Old West graveyard lies right next to the motel. 

I will be spending the weekend there. 

I plan on writing a couple books about my time at the "Clown Motel" of Tonopah, Nevada...if I make it out alive. Stay posted for my frequent updates. You can follow my live posts on social media: 

Twitter: @SchmidtTales
Facebook: @HolyGhostStories

Stay tuned.

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