Sunday, March 26, 2017

The clown doll with the moving hand

The lobby of the "Clown Motel," in Tonopah, NV, is filled with hundreds of clown figurines. One of them is this life-sized doll.

"I call him 'Mister Creepy,'" the receptionist tells me. "He gives me such a weird feeling when I'm in here alone."

She swears that she has seen his left hand move on its own. Twice.

"I finally put that other doll on top of his hand to keep it from moving. But other employees have told me that it still moves sometimes anyway."

Many guests refuse to look the doll in the eyes. They can't stand to even stand near it for very long.

"We had a professional psychic come through here," the receptionist says. "She told me, 'This doll has something inside it.'"

Mister Creepy and hundreds of his friends await you here in Tonopah. Tonight will be my third night in the Clown Motel.

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