Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cannibals and Savages: Racism and images of Haiti

A link to one of my latest articles published, in a Canadian magazine titled "Canadian Dimension". A discussion of racism in perceptions of Haiti, framed through my personal encounter with a dickhole missionary.


Cannibals and Savages: Racism and images of Haiti

“…the black man in his own home is a barbarian and a beast…when emancipated and removed from the crushing competition of a superior race he…descends step by step down to the original depths of his ignorant and savage instincts…” - The New Orleans Bee, 1861.[1]

A Dark Country

The passengers in the Miami airport terminal had self-segregated, the Haitians occupying one end of the room while various groups of foreign volunteers and church workers congregated at the opposite end. The largest group of missionaries, apparently from the Midwestern United States, wore matching powder-blue t-shirts which fit snugly across the flabby breasts of the men and women in the group...


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